1. What are the hours of the show?

12-3pm with fashion show starting at 1:30pm

2. Is the Bridal Show free to attend?

Yes, the bridal show is free for brides, grooms and their guests.

3. Do I need to RSVP for the event?

Yes, please click on the RSVP tab, it will take you to the register site.

4. How many people attend the bridal show?

We average about 400-450 total guests with 120-145 being couples.

5. What should I wear to the Bridal Show?

Think of this as a date with your soon to be spouse or a fun day with your girlfriends. Have a little fun and dress up!

6. Do I need to bring anything?

Just yourselves, an appetite and notebook if you want to jot down amazing vendors or ideas you saw.

7. I am a wedding planner. Can I attend the Bridal Show with a guest?

We encourage wedding planners interested in attending as a guest to bring your clients with you!! We also ask that any wedding vendors who attend as guests refrain from handing out marketing collateral of any kind out of respect for our participating vendors.

8. How do you choose participating vendors?

We choose the vendors through word-of-mouth referrals and through the vendor application we receive from interested wedding professionals. We like to offer our brides a wide range of styles and price points, and we try to find vendors with character and quality that we can believe in.

9. Should my fiancée come?

We encourage you to come together and enjoy the festivities of planning your wedding. Bring someone who will let you have fun and will allow you the time and freedom to take it all in.